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PWH Buffer Tank


The PWH buffer tanks for the storage and production of hot water for commercial service use (Hotel, School, Catering, Hospital to name a few).

The storage tank is used for storing hot water in central heating systems. It is used in all cases where there is the need to increase the thermal inertia of the system i.e more water stored.

Being 4 bar they exceed the normal 3 bar you usually see on such a tank for a heating buffer tank. This making the Platinum Water Heaters buffer vessel superior to others on the market today.

Insulated by 50mm material to help keep the heat inside the buffer tank.

Made from high quality carbon steel to make the buffer robust  while help aiding to keep the heat inside the vessel.

In short you are buying a superior buffer tank with 5 year warranty, not only will you recieve exceptional customer service you'll also be buying the buffer tank at the cheapest price in the UK.

Please allow up to 7 days for delivery, if you require the buffer tank in a quicker time scale please contact us before purchase.

We offer discounts to more than one unit and trade customers.