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Electric Convector Heaters

£119.99 (Coming soon)

Platinum Water Heaters are proud to offer a full range of electric convector heaters.

Available heating power from 1kW to 3kW .

Not only do the Platinum convector heaters offer great savings to buy, they offer huge savings over gas to heat your home or apartments.

40% energy efficient with a duel ribbed aluminum heating elements offer super quick heat up times while offering innovative electronic control. With a 1.8" colour display the following functions are easy to control:

Weekly programmer
Open window function
Sleep mode
Power self-regulating
Detailed report, showing the past 3 days details of power consumption and room temperature.

The Platinum convector heaters come with fall protectio & children protection.

Anti freeze functions along with a two stage overheat and moisture protection IP24.

Ultra slim design at just 59mm.

Perfect for projects such as new home and apartments or retro fitting to comply with new building regulations.