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120 Litre Electric Water Heater

£329.99 (Sold out)

Platinum Water Heaters 120 litre 3kW electric water heater.

The 120 litre electric water heater is the largest electric water heater Platinum Water Heaters produce with enough capacity for a home with multipal outlets including large baths and showers to commercial use in catering and kitchens.

With a powerful 3kW heating element there is never a shortage of hot water. The powerful 3kW heating element is aided with 32mm CFC free insulation of the tank meaning there is no energy lost. Thus making Platinum Water Heaters 120 litre very energy efficient.

The tank is made from a special enamel called zirconium which is a strong metal enamel which has a super strong resitance to corrosion thus making the electric water heaters last longer than other brands. Platinum Water Heaters come with a 5 year tank warranty.

To aid the zirconium enamel 120 litre electric water heaters have 2 sacrifical anodes which attract harmful corrosion agents again leading to an efficient electric water heater and long life.

The 120 litre electric water heater is one one of the most superior on the world market when it comes to safety having a unique 6 safety process to prevent over pressure and over heating. Not only does it have unique 6 level safety features but it also comes standard with a 7 bar T&P (Temperature & Pressure) valve situated at the top of the electric water heater.

Connections are 15mm and positioned behind the user friendly fascia control which operates the power switch and also adjustable dial so the user can set the temperature of the water they desire.

Securing the electric water heater couldn't be an easier with a pre installed heavy duty bracket on the rear of the electric water heater making sure that it is secure and safe. Not only is the bracket already installed we also include a template so you can make sure your heavy duty bolts are already in place.

Height: 1160 x Width 460 x Depth 460

We strongly suggest that you purchase with one of our fitting kits.

Fitting Kit B includes: Potable expansion vessel, safety valve, non return valve, isolation valve, pressure reducing valve, tundish and T&P valve.

In short, the 120 litre electric water heater is perfect for people who require large amounts of hot water while keeping costs down. Being unvented and direct mains pressurised you do not require additional water pumps or header tanks. Simple to install, energy efficient and cost effective.

120 litre electric water heater from Platinum Water Heaters is ideal for larger homes, medium sized commercial units, restaurants and other buildings which need a large amount of hot water.