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By Platinum Water Heaters, Nov 14 2017 07:45PM

The GPE range of water heaters are a high storage gas fired water heater. It is recommended when very large quantities of hot water are needed. This model has all the advantages and benefits of the GP range.

The GPE is provided with an electronic gas valve with flame ionization instead of a pilot flame, double thermostats (for control and hi-limit) with graduated scale and stainless steel all gas burners.

It is also possible to programme the water heater if peak demands are required at certain times in the day.

All Heizer water heaters are fitted with a DCF device (flue spillage control) which interrupts the gas flow to the burner in case of exhaust or combustion leakage.

The magnesium anodes are easily accessible and are an effective cathodic protection against corrosion.

CFC free mineral wool insulation ensures that standby losses are minimal.

Height: 2005mm

Width: 780mm

Depth: 780mm

Capacity: 500 litre

Gas inlet size: 1/2"

Voltage: 220/240v

Heat Input: 58kW

Price: £3261.00

Available from Platinum Water Heaters (3-5 working days)

We are also able to supply the complete range of Heizer gas fired water heaters. Please contact us for more information.

By Platinum Water Heaters, Nov 14 2017 03:15PM

24th November is typically black friday, however here at Platinum Water Heaters we are giving you 10 days of special offers. All you need to do is enter: 10BF in to the promo section upon checkout to recieve 10% off any order.

10BF for 10% off any items bought through the website.

By Platinum Water Heaters, Nov 9 2017 07:15PM

The 30 litre electric water heater from Platinum Waters Heaters offers enough stored hot water to run a busy kitchen while still being extremely cost effective. Not only do they require little effort to install, being 1.5kW they use low amount of ampage on the building meaning cheaper than alternatives to run. Ideal for kitchens, offices and small bathrooms (Non shower/bath).

Platinum Water Heater 30 litre 1.5kW unvented electric water heater also comes with a 5 year warranty.

If you didnt think it could get any better the 30 litrePlatinum Water Heater from Platinum Water Heaters is also the cheapest to buy in the UK.

If you would like any more information regarding the 30 litre electric water heater please feel free to contact a member of the sales or technical team on 01283520643

By Platinum Water Heaters, Oct 25 2017 02:43PM

ActivFlo available from Platinum Water Heaters:

Standard approaches to water treatment rely heavily on harmful chemicals, which must be replenished frequently.

Activ-Tec’s ActivFlo does away with any need for such chemicals and will comfortably fit in the most convenient of spaces, with minimal maintenance needed.

Designed and engineered for life, ActivFlo will easily last 15 years in your family home.

By installing an ActivFlo Chemical Free Water Conditioner you can reverse and stop all the effects of hard water. This includes::

•No more limescale build up in your appliances, taps, showers and sinks

•Up to 50% less soap and washing powder needed

•No spotting or marks on stainless steel sinks and worktops

•Improvement in some dry skin conditions

•Better tasting water from the tap

Available in 1" / 2" / 4" sizes.

Contact us today on 01283 520643

By Platinum Water Heaters, Sep 27 2017 10:34AM

Platinum Water Heaters 100 litre unvented water heater are perfect for kitchen / bathrooms with a bath, commercial properties and studio apartments.

Enough hot water for large bath, shower and multipal basins the 100 litre electric water heater is perfect for most applications.

5 year automatic warranty means no cards or numbers to lose, simply call us with the seriel number and we will be able to rectify the problem by sending an engineer to site or swapping the unit like for like.

Easy to install and we offer a complete unvented fitting kit so only your pipework will be required.

Easy to use with adjustable temperature control and a on/off switch.

Buy directly through our website for next working day delivery.

By Platinum Water Heaters, Aug 9 2017 09:35AM

Yes! That's correct, we are offering 10% off all items bought directly through our website.

Simply enter: AUG10 into the promo code section upon checkout to automatically recieve 10% off the entire order.

Be quick, only for the remainder of August.