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By Platinum Water Heaters, Jun 18 2018 11:52AM

We have seen a rise in numbers that customers require bespoke designed and built buffer tanks. If this is larger / smaller inlets. Coils of various sizes inside or flanged outlets. We at Platinum Water Heaters can design, build and deliver the perfect buffer tank for your project needs. Contact us with requirements and we can offer the very best prices and perfect service. Bespoke buffer tanks in the UK for potable and heating water contact Platinum Water Heaters

By Platinum Water Heaters, Apr 25 2018 12:03PM

Do you have a project and need a buffer tank?

Contact us at Platinum Water Heaters for the very best service at unbeatable prices!

Potable buffer tank from 200 litre.

Heating buffer tank from 200 litre.

Bespoke buffer tanks also available.

Potable, chilled, heating buffer tanks all available from Platinum Water Heaters.

By Platinum Water Heaters, Apr 22 2018 09:07PM

Introducing the Inta X-Mag Pro. Comprising of a magnetic filter, de-airating function and chemical dosing unit.

Proving to be the perfect all-in-one solution for plant room installations where space is paramount and there is a critical requiremnt to keep heating systems clean and working as efficient as possible.

The Inta X-Mag Pro also gives the option for a separate ‘installation pack’ to be purchased which comprises of the inlet isolation lever ball valves and stainless steel dosing unit. This makes any installtion or maintenance operation’s as quickly and efficient as possible.

Available in 6 sizes and available to buy now through our online product store.

By Platinum Water Heaters, Apr 6 2018 09:29AM

Each month we will be adding special offers to our website so that you, the customer can save even more money when buying through the Platinum Water Heaters website.

Numbers will be limited and only active while stocks last. Be sure to check regular for updated special offers.

By Platinum Water Heaters, Apr 3 2018 02:05PM

Removable heat exchanger with capacity from 200 litre to 5000 litre.

Available in mild steel or stainless steel.

Insulation available 50mm or 100mm.

Horizontal or vertical applications.

We offer the cheapest prices in the UK.

By Platinum Water Heaters, Mar 26 2018 10:46AM

Plate heat exchanger from Platinum Water Heaters. We are now able to offer a complete pre-fabricated package for sports centres, stadiums, hotels and many more applications.

Vessel mounted electric contol panel complete with pre-programmed digital temperature controller.

3 port plug and seat control valve with spring return actuator.

100mm high density, thick polyurethane foam.

Temperature and high limit themostat also provided.

All mounted to a heavy duty base to make installing even easier.

Available from 500 litre.

Power from 60kw.

All water wetted parts made from grade 316L stainless steel.

Plate heat exchanger package from Platinum Water Heaters.